Finding Zen

I was born a naughty and hyperactive child in a little town in Africa.
Luckily ADD was not in fashion yet and so I used my creative energy to paint and to learn how simple things work, like radios, cameras, and girls.

After my teachers failed to enbrain any useful knowledge I left the concrete of Johannesburg and fled to Cape Town to become a bigger artist.

I had conquered photo-realistic painting by the time I was 21, which annoyed a lot of people who said painting was not allowed to be about things you like, but about things you feel.
I told people some of my paintings are photographs, and that some of my photographs are paintings, because I am still a naughty child.

I slept on the floor in a broken down building for a few years and that theme has echoed through my work. I believe in staying true to yourself even when things are at war around you.

I found many people living in Cape Town who were similarly afflicted with creativity and we set about making things we could sell. It occurred to me if I could find enough crazy people I could make a living from this. Most have moved on to greater careers in retail design and prostitution, but I am too engrained to give up what I already know. They call this the sunk-cost fallacy.

I always painted, and started taking photographs only as reference. The photography took a life of its own and I realized the magic in my work was coming from the models I worked with, and how I posed them to look like paintings. And how I was telling their life story.

I make no compromise in my work. I will always be shameless in how I work and with who. Should you feel a similar desire for unbridled creativity contact me immediately and we shall work together.

I have won awards and been published here and there and received educations and many other boring things, but I always remember who I am and I am still that. I hope you will enjoy this creative journey with me.


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